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Karl Barkley’s share drive

On this page you will find our two recommended options for purchasing shares in Channel Infrastructure Limited.

Option 1: Sharesies

This option is good for small shareholders (as low as $5.00) and for people who are new or not confident. Karl’s team is now well into the hundreds of shareholders, Karl has a thriving online community Facebook group with thousands of members where people can talk shares and how to’s. An excellent space for first timers and new comers to ask questions and seek guidance.

Join Karl’s Sharesies team and you a free $5.00 credit – that’s x3 free shares.

Sharesies is a New Zealand based company which has a web and mobile app based share trading platform, the shares are held in custody by Sharesies but you are the registered owner under New Zealand law, the advantage of using their app is that it enables you to economically buy and sell amounts as low as just 1 share at a time.

To join Sharesies and join Karl’s Sharesies team you will need to be over 16 and have the following information handy:

  • A Valid photo I.D. (Passport or Drivers License)
  • A New Zealand Address
  • A New Zealand Bank Account

To get the free $5 click on the following link and sign up, the funds will automatically be credited to your account, find channel infrastructure under CHI on the NZX or NZE and buy some shares! To buy more shares, follow their top up instructions and add credit to your account.

Join Karl’s Sharesies team here:

Once you have signed up and received the sign up bonus you can then download the app from Google play or Apple app stores and start watching your investment grow and be entitled to have your vote.

WARNING: share trading is addictive and even in small amounts it can cause unintended elevated levels of excitement.

Option 2: ASB Securities

This option is better for more confident or larger investors.

ASB securities is a five star rated DYI direct online platform which offers access to the NZX, unlike Sharsies shares purchased through the platform can be either custodial or outright owned by you.

For beginner or smaller investors non custodial share holdings may not be suitable as share holding in a company comes with a number of responsibilities and obligations that must be meet every year, these are managed for you when shares are purchased through a custodian.

Trading fees are also higher on ASB Securities as they are geared toward larger investments unlike Sharesies which is specifically aimed at small and hobby investors.

If you would like to purchase shareholdings through ASB Securities then you will need to open a cash management account with ASB for transacting with, this account has zero fees, existing customers can do this online through their fastnet system, non ASB customers will need to visit an ASB branch in person and will need the following on hand:

  • Two forms of Photo ID
  • IRD number
  • Proof of address

PLEASE NOTE: It will take 3-5 business days to get trading on ASB Securities so if you are currently wanting to get shares to vote in the next AGM on Directors and Karl’s proposal please bear in mind that you need to allow at least 7 business days as there is a rule you need to hold your shares for 2 days before you are allowed to vote.

Once you have purchased your shares, head on over to Karl’s Buy Back Marsden Point Facebook page to join the community.