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What is operation Good oil?

Operation good oil is an information and awareness campaign which is made up of a dedicated team of concerned kiwis who seek to bring the truth of New Zealand’s current looming energy crises into the light of day.

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Oil has become the lifeblood of our modern economy, its many products are relied upon by nearly every single industry from food production and transport to simple everyday items such as Vaseline and baby products.

Without oil and its finished products our economy will come to a grinding and disastrous halt, the resulting collapse of industry will affect food production, transportation of goods and services and the building and construction industry will come to a sudden stop.

Without a ready supply of refined oil products New Zealand will end up in the situation where it will be forced to default on its international debt.

Is our refined oil supply in danger?



On April 1 2022 the company formerly known as Refining New Zealand Ltd. closed down New Zealand’s biggest refinery (Marsden point) and no longer plans to refine oil onshore. In an ill prepared and hasty manor they planned to turn the refinery into a refined oil storage terminal only. There have already been hiccups at the time of writing this (29th May 2022).

The refined fuel products produced at Marsden point were some of the finest grade in the world and the cheaper and nastier fuels that are now being imported are of inferior specifications and grades which could be quite likely incompatible with our existing infrastructure. Fuel company C.E.O.’s are not concerned with longevity in a small market such as New Zealand but are more concerned with quick profits for the shareholders and their next election.

Previous to this decision the refinery was supplying around 70% of New Zealand’s finished fuel products.

has the government protected our finished fuel supply?


The current Labor government has allowed the oil companies to count their shipping tankers as “stock holdings” and hasn’t put any extra measures in place to hold the millions of tons of extra fuel required to hedge against a major global fuel disruption.

This means that our supposed fuel holdings could be sitting anywhere across open waters and stormy seas, with a global security crises and world wide instability New Zealand will be exposed to fuel shocks and energy crises.

it has happened before

The sole reason Marsden point refinery was first built in 1964 was to insulate New Zealand from global crises and international fuel shocks, prior to the completion of the refinery fuel rationing and carless days were not unheard of, in those days the need for fuel was far less important than it is today and many industries could plod along without it and New Zealand’s international debt was nowhere near what it is today.

isn’t moving away from carbon a good thing?

Yes and No

While we have commitments to decarbonizing our economy and our nation, rushing ahead with such a move as this is not only foolish pontification and virtue signaling, it is inherently dishonest.

We are simply allowing the fuel companies to move their refinement of fuel offshore to cheaper markets and they will not do a single thing toward helping the environment, all it will do is endanger our fuel and petrochemical supply by extending the supply lines and removing the ability to refine our own supplies in the event of a fuel crisis.

At this point in time there is no viable alternative to diesel for our food and transport sector.

Asides from fuel oils Marsden point supplied New Zealand with a number of other Chemicals that are essential for business and industry, in most of the government papers on the subject, these chemicals are given fleeting mention as if they are insignificant.

Such chemicals as sulfur for fertilizers or carbon dioxide for food and beverages, we are already experiencing a major nationwide shortage of this vital modern gas.

New Zealand is also in the beginnings of a major LPG supply crises.

FROM 35 ships a year to 165 +

What we could have previously achieved with 35 shipments of sour crude oil we will now be reliant on 165 + shipments per year to keep our industry and economy running, everything from shipping fuel to white spirits for our paints will now be reliant on offshore production and shipping.

Not only does this model expose our economy and food supply to very real threats of extortion and shortages but it does nothing to solve the issue of climate change, in fact due to the disastrous effects of modern shipping on the environment, it is a step backward in New Zealand’s clean green image.

Our refinery was numbered in the top 10% of the world for its innovation and efficiency, with new technologies coming on line in the sector of oil refinement we are about to lose our ability to lab and beta test new techniques of recycling such as blue crude and plastic to oil recovery.

New zealand has the longest supply lines in the world and to scuttle such a vital strategic asset as our only oil refinery is a move that could be CONSTRUED as an act of AGGRESSION or even treasonous against the people of new zealand

We hope you join us in educating ourselves on what is truly happening in the energy sector in this nation and that you will read the updates and the resources that we will be releasing through our social media and website, we hope to help to spread the word about who and what are truly responsible for the shortages.

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